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here for new york city's mayor in the wake of a backlash, also? >> you better believe, if we start executing thoo he is guys on -- executing these guys on death row that people will think twice. >> the debate over ending the death penalty coming to a head just days before the election. advocates on both side of the fight state their case. >> and a reality check, does the school district really pay the price when it comes to kids kipping class for a world series break? we are back in two minutes. >> decision 2012, the campaign to eliminate the death penalty. look at the undecideds. 17%, which is a large number. the swing vote will be critical. >> we want to become you in for a closer look at both sides. >> thank you, this could be the most emotionally charged issue on the ballot on. there are victims families on each side. there are police and district attorneys on each side. now, i spoke at length with two of the leaders the debate. the exwarden who knows all about death row and a father who knows all about waiting for his daughter's killer to die. they each have given their lives
. >> reporter: she was supposed to compete in the new york city marathon this weekend. when the race was cancelled, she agreed now is not the time to run. instead, she stayed to help. >> i can't even imagine like losing everything. so if i could do something to help, you know, whatever little i could do, i want to do it. >> reporter: support also continues to pour in by the truckload, with water, and warm clothes. but there is no way to meet the overwhelming need all at once. >> after the initial search and rescue, the recovery process is difficult and it is painful. >> reporter: today, president obama again met with fema officials working to try to ease the pain. >> it continues to be my number one priority. there is nothing more important than us getting this right. >> reporter: vital in a place where so much has gone so wrong. jay gray, nbc news, new york. >>> and republicans are criticizing the president's response to the hurricane, in light of the fact many are without power tonight. democrats say they were pro active and prepared as much as they could. the candidates, meanwhile
electricity, the recovery process is under way. two of the three major airports in the new york city area were able to open up again. after things shut down for two days, the new york stock exchange reopened. >> for the north bay, it's been a little different. but for the peninsula, east bay and south bay you held off the rain. >> exactly. doing what we can. going man, this is not good. in san francisco, some heavier rain coming on down in the north bay eventually getting closer, a gorgeous shot of the halloween evening. your forecast in a few minutes. >>> should you be concerned if your parent. a federal law meant to protect students is being overlooked by some schools and no one is enforcing it. >> a look what time she's uncovered by title 9 in some local schools. >> good evening. title 9 many of us think of athletics for women. the law was set up to do more than that, it also protects students from sexual harassment by requiring schools to set policies and have a system in place for victims to file a complaint. they are supposed to make that process well known. but we found some educators
in new york city to see the famous christmas tree light up. this year's tree is very special. the 50-year-old 80 foot tall spruce came from new jersey after surviving hurricane sandy. tonight marks the tree lighting. the special features tony bennett, c logreen and airs tonight at 8 p.m. >>> at 11:00 a downtown divided. one east bay city has a plan to promote more late night entertainment. the latest on our second storm. a live picture of the south bay. the storm headed to the entire bay area and how the road crews are preparing for it. the commute tomorrow evening expected to be a little rough. all of that coming in tonight at 11:00 after an snl christmas. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> thanks for joining us. >> good night. >> now on "extra" -- jessica simpson pregnant again. her baby shocker seven months after giving brge and dropping 70 pounds. >> could it derail her mega million dollar weight watchers deal? >> charl
places in new york city that have to be closed down or moved because of the weather tomorrow. >> they're looking at a storm moving in. the heavy rain will hold off another day, maybe another one it to two inches of rain towards the east coast. if you have family that day, they have another round. not a hurricane but gusty wind and rain. back here at home, unbelievable record-setting heat today. we're going to talk about how long that lasts and when rain returns in a few minutes. >>> jim harbaugh is one of the most intense coaches in the nfl, so you may be surprised to hear what he did to relax during the 49ers bye-week, and it was a stockton native that was sending the raiders back to the drawing board after a record-setting day at the coliseum. that's next from the xfinity sports desk. >>> our nbc bay area investigation is prompting election officials to take a closer look at avoter rolls. steven stock joins us with the details. >> we found more than 25,000 of these questionable voters. how is that so? well, they share the exact same name, date of birth and zip code as someone who is
deaths. jessica? >> thank you, janelle. the commander in chief visited new york city specifically also the borough of staten island and saw the devastation left behind by superstorm sandy. he thanked volunteers who have handed out millions of meals. 400,000 people asked for emergency aid from fema. some schools are finally reopened while dozens of others remain closed. new at 6:00, a major heist at jfk international airport overnight where $1.5 million worth of apple products were stolen. some 3600 ipad minis stolen. investigators say they think it may be an inside job. the thieves arrived around the airport around 11:0 last night. they used airport forklifts to unload them into a truck. they left three pallets at the scene after being questioned by a worker. last night's robbery is reminiscent of another crime. it was the site of the heist documented in the film goodfellas. >>> it's super fast and green. the new tesla named the car of the year a few days ago. our business and tech reporter scott budman got a chance to kick the tires and take one for a spin. tesla gave him the keys jus
endorsement today from new york city mayor and independent michael bloomberg. with just five days until the election mr. obama campaigned across three battleground states, wisconsin, nevada and colorado. you see now mitt romney who was also campaigning in virginia today. both sides concentrating on nine swing states which is considered to be likely to make the difference. >> the president wants to see four more years and that's his chant. four more years, four more years, but our chant is this, five more days, all right? five more days. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor's offering sure ain't change. giving more power back to the biggest bank isn't change. leaving millions without health insurance isn't change. >> in today's nbc marrist poll the president leads in iowa. the races in wisconsin, and new hampshire are much tighter. >>> for countless immigrants deportation is always a daunting reality even if you are legal, but the alameda district attorney's office is taking step to prevent that from happening when an immigrant is arrested for a nonviolent crime. ray
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7